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Like fine wines,sometimes designs take time to come to fruition. This project, begun in 2007, was put on hold back in 2008 when the markets crashed. Reactivated last spring, I am happy to report it is finally above ground. The good news is that even with the intervening years, the basic design and layout stood the test of time and did not change much. The project includes an extension to the family room, a poolside porch, and a 2 car garage with a studio above. Tied to a difficult geometry imposed by the building lines, most of the revisions focused on making sure that the family’s requirements were achieved in the most efficient way. Other revisions were based on minor additions to the program. While it doesn’t look like much right now, it will dramatically add to the Client’s enjoyment of his home! The contractor provided these shots, I’ll provide more as the project progresses!

breezeway framing to exist house

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