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Every so often pleasant surprises pop up around Ross Design. Recently one of our renovation projects was selected to be the backdrop setting for a Hansgrohe product showcase photo shoot. Hansgrohe is an internationally respected bathroom and kitchen fixture company. As a company that places special emphasis on style and presentation for their own products, we couldn’t be more flattered that they chose to represent their carefully crafted faucets in our carefully crafted spaces. Especially a renovation specifically designed for a spec developer. In the photo above, Hansgrohe’s “Metris” faucet is on display in the kitchen we designed for the house.

For this total renovation/addition project, we were tasked with elevating the level of design of the decidedly drab house and expanding it by adding a second story. The approach we chose to take celebrated the original craftsman character or the house while adding a second floor with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. By carefully working with the roof pitch, it ended up being a “stealth” addition of sorts. Although there were some dramatic improvements in the spatial layout of the house, we were meticulous about replicating the original detailing, reusing some of the original mantles and trim. In this way some of the original identity carried through to the new design, creating a desired thread of continuity.

One of the original features that we were particularly interested in preserving was the brick fireplace initially located in one of the bedrooms per the old design. Although no longer functional, maintaining the fireplace provided a wonderful focal point for the foyer. It serves as an elegant symbol of that which was before, and acts as a powerful link uniting old and new.

Perhaps the most visually dramatic alteration in the design was the restoration of the generous front porch, whose overhang is supported by five bold tapered columns. We are particularly interested in thresholds and spaces of transition. In addition to the functional purpose as a shaded space, the porch serves as a three-dimensional threshold demarcating the transition from that which is external to the house to the philosophical idea of “home.” Critical to this was the relocation of the steps to the porch, aligning them with the new front door location.

We are grateful that Hansgrohe recognized the care and attention behind the project and selected our kitchen as the backdrop for its product showcase photo shoot! We are also grateful to the wonderful client that trusted our vision on this project. We made a great team!

If you’d like to see more pictures of the project, click here: project pictures


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